Titus Mill firewood is all hardwood for clean burning and minimal creosote buildup.  It is seasoned in a covered area to attain optimal dryness for easy burning. 

Why hardwood? The type of wood makes a difference.  As a general rule deciduous trees (hardwoods) make better firewood than evergreens.  An oak log is much denser than a pine and contains a lot more burning energy.  Pine also contains a lot of volatile oils and resins.  While that makes pine a good kindling, it also promotes creosote build up if burned in larger quantities. Titus Mill Farm's seasoned firewood is all hardwood.

Measurements. A cord is a unit of volume and measures 4' by 4' by 8' stacked, or 128 cubic feet. A face cord is substantially less, generally 1/3 - 1/2 a true cord. If your current supplier is showing up with a pile in the back of a truck, you have no assurance that you're getting a full cord. If the wood is stacked in the truck the volume is easier to measure. We typically deliver wood in a full sized pickup truck. The bed stacked to the brim (96" x 61" x 19") is slightly over 1/2 cord. Seasoning is a another important factor. Buying green wood in the early spring is fine if you plan to season it yourself, but to burn well wood must be split and left to dry for at least two seasons (6 months). Prior to seasoning, wood contains a lot of water and will burn much cooler as it converts all that water to steam. Not only do you lose heat to the steam conversion, you also build up creosote and other flammable deposits in your chimney due to the cooler burn. Titus Mill only sells wood that has been seasoned a minimum of two seasons.

Renewable Energy. Firewood is a renewable energy source.  Titus Mill Farm manages over 40 acres of woodland under a forestry plan approved by the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry. Our forestry plan is designed to maintain our woodlands in a healthy state, while eliminating invasive foreign plants and staging the woods for continued health for many years to come.



20" +- 2"

14" +- 2"

Full Cord $500 $700
1/2 Cord $300 $400